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Together, towards the Energy Transition

tiko’s Virtual Power Plant (VPP) solution helps to stabilize the electrical grid while allowing residential customers to save energy and money. Combining our unique hardware and app allows our customers to connect and control devices that they already have in their homes, such as heaters, boilers, batteries, and EV-chargers. This gives them the ability to optimize their energy consumption, while helping to reduce tensions in the grid as part of tiko’s VPP.

A Virtual Power Plant built from devices we have at home

Delivering the full spectrum of Energy & Grid Services

tiko uses the flexibility of connected devices to provide services ranging from Demand response, DER, and Frequency regulation to intra-day and day-ahead markets. Our Virtual Power Plants offer the same functionalities as a Physical Power Plant, with a 1-second reaction time.

Stabilizing the grid with our Virtual Power Plant

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The shift to weather-dependent, renewable energy sources can put pressure on the electrical grid. Moreover, our energy supply needs to match its demand in order to be stable.

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Our solution stabilizes the grid by slightly advancing or delaying the cycles of the connected electrical devices. Homeowners do not feel this shift at any time, so there is no impact on their comfort at home.

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The result is greater energy independence and a more stable electrical grid, alongside energy savings for homeowners and another step towards the transition to renewable energy.

A Complete Home Energy Management System

Our hardware has been developed in-house and offers an innovative platform that empowers homeowners to reduce their energy bills and optimize their energy consumption.
Our advanced equipment and algorithms improve the energy efficiency in homes while helping to stabilize our electrical grid.

State-of-the-art Hardware or Cloud-to-Cloud

We design and develop easy-to-install hardware to connect electrical devices in homes, including devices that were not designed to be “smart.” This makes it possible to connect almost every electrical device in a home and use them to make our electrical grid more stable. We are also able to integrate already digital appliances, such as EV chargers, into our VPP, by using a cloud-to-cloud connection.

Easy to install, making appliances more eco-friendly.

An efficient and easy-to-use app offering real energy saving.

Devices become more sustainable when they’re connected to tiko’s VPP, as they can be easily controlled with the tiko app.
Homeowners can schedule when their devices are used in order to avoid energy peaks, which helps to lower their energy bill and carbon footprint.

Our app allows users to:
– Control all their connected devices
– Follow consumption at a glance
– Define schedules for their devices
– Optimize their energy usage
– Generate real energy savings

Enabling visualisation and control of energy usage in homes

The tiko app enables the control of connected devices and the ability to see how much energy is used in real-time. This allows homeowners to make informed decisions about their energy usage and let them save money while reducing their CO2 emissions.

A solution for everyone
to help accelerate the energy transition
with devices we already have

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Reducing energy bills

and generating real CO2 savings

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Increasing home comfort

while using the unique tiko app

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Stabilising the electrical grid

while accelerating the energy transition

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Privacy Policy

In the course of its business, tiko Energy Solutions AG is required to process personal data (employees, clients, subcontractors and providers, etc.).

Aware of the importance of such data, tiko Energy Solutions AG is committed to the protection thereof in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As a responsible business, tiko Energy Solutions AG has drawn up this privacy policy to clarify its commitments, which are based on the main principles of the GDPR.

Thus, tiko assumes the following commitments:

-to ensure clear and transparent information at all times regarding how it uses personal data.
-to collect personal data for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes only.
-to ensure at all times that the data collected is adequate, accurate, relevant and limited to the corresponding purpose.
-to erase or anonymise the personal data it processes on completion of the corresponding retention periods.
-to ensure the security and confidentiality of the personal data it processes.
-to guarantee the data subjects’ option to exercise their rights in the applicable terms; and
-not to re-use the data collected for purposes other than those for which it was originally collected.

tiko Energy Solutions AG is the controller of the personal data relating to the management of the website you are visiting (tiko.energy). This policy provides all the information necessary for you to understand how your data is processed.

Purpose of processing and types of data collected

While you are visiting the tiko.energy website you may provide us with browsing-related data such as your connection data (IP addresses, event logs).

This website also offers you the opportunity to get in contact with tiko Energy Solutions to request information and receive newsletters

Data collected might include:
– Identification data (Name, e-mail, phone number (optional))

The data collected will be used for the following:
– to ensure content performance and provide the best possible user experience
– to send periodic e-mails (The e-mail address you provide, may (if accepted) be used to send you information and updates related to company news, updates, related product or marketing information)

It also enables you to apply to an open position. For this purpose, the data collected might include:
– identification data (Name, e-mail, phone number (optional))
– job application files such as resume, motivation letter, …
and will be used to manage solicited or un-solicited job applications

We may use this data to improve the visitor experience by analysing and learning from the structure and routes preferred by users. For example, making it easy to download a press release or optimising the search for information on tiko.energy by suggesting the shortest possible route, etc. Your personal data will not be processed further in any way that is incompatible with the purposes described above.

In addition, in line with applicable law and where appropriate, we may process your personal data and the personal data of third parties for the following purposes, which are in our (or, as the case may be, any third parties’) legitimate interest, such as:

-providing and developing our products, services and websites, apps and other platforms, on which we are active;
-communication with third parties and the processing of their requests (e.g., job applications, media inquiries);
-advertising and marketing (including organizing events), provided that you have not objected to the use of your data for this purpose (if you are part of our customer base and you receive our advertisement, you may object at any time and we will place you on a blacklist against further advertising mailings);
-market and opinion research, media surveillance;
-ensuring our business operations, including our IT, our websites, apps and other appliances;

The legal basis for processing your data

The data contained in this form are collected by tiko Energy Solutions AG on the basis of consent. If you have given us your consent to process your personal data for certain purposes (for example when registering to receive newsletters), we will process your personal data within the scope of and based on this consent, unless we have another legal basis, as long as we require one. Consent given can be withdrawn at any time, but this does not affect data processed prior to withdrawal.

Datatransfer and Transfer of Data abroad

In the context of our business activities and in line with the purposes of the data processing set out in Section 1, we may transfer data to third parties, insofar as such a transfer is permitted and we deem it appropriate, in order for them to process data for us or, as the case may be, their own purposes. In particular, the following categories of recipients may be concerned:

-our subsidiaries and major shareholders
-our service providers (such as e.g., consultants, banks, insurance companies), including processors (such as e.g., IT providers);
-suppliers, subcontractors and other business partners;
-the media;
-the public, including users of our websites and social media;
-competitors, industry organizations, associations, organizations and other bodies;

(together the Recipients).

Certain Recipients may be within Switzerland but they may be located in any country worldwide. In particular, data may be transferred to countries, in which our subsidiaries, service providers, subcontractors and business partners are located If we transfer data to a country without adequate legal data protection, we ensure an appropriate level of protection as legally required by way of using appropriate contracts (in particular on the basis of the standard contract clauses of the European Commission) or binding corporate rules or we rely on the statutory exceptions of consent, performance of contracts, the establishment, exercise or enforcement of legal claims, overriding public interests, published personal data or because it is necessary to protect the integrity of the persons concerned.

Retention period

We process and retain your personal data as long as required for the performance of our contractual obligations and compliance with legal obligations or other purposes pursued with the processing, i.e. for the duration of the entire business relationship (from the initiation, during the performance of the contract until it is terminated) as well as beyond this duration in accordance with legal retention and documentation obligations. Personal data may be retained for the period during which claims can be asserted against our company (i.d. particularly during legal prescription periods) or insofar as we are otherwise legally obliged to do so or if legitimate business interests require further retention (e.g., for evidence and documentation purposes). As soon as your personal data is no longer required for the above-mentioned purposes, it will be deleted or anonymized, as far as possible. In general, shorter retention periods, of no more than twelve months, apply for operational data (e.g., system logs).

Data recipients

As part of the data-processing, the tiko Energy Solutions AG service providers responsible for the website may be given access to the personal data collected related to contact requests and marketing topics.

Data related to job applications is only accessible to the HR and relevant internal departments involved in the recruitment process.

Should your data be disclosed to other third parties i.e., internal services at tiko Energy Solutions AG, tiko will comply with applicable law on the communication of personal data.

Free text

The information given on the forms must be objective and must not be excessive or insulting in any case. The forms must not contain sensitive data or information (racial or ethnic origin; political, philosophical or religious opinions; trade union membership; data concerning health or sex life; offences, convictions or detention orders).

For your information, please note that this type of information will not be processed and will be erased.

Security and confidentiality of your data

In its capacity as data controller, tiko Energy Solutions AG has in place appropriate measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of your personal data and, in particular, to prevent it from being distorted, damaged or accessed by unauthorised third parties. We have taken appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect your personal data from unauthorized access and misuse such as internal policies, training, IT and network security solutions, access controls and restrictions, encryption of data carriers and transmissions, pseudonymisation, inspections.

Your rights

In accordance with applicable regulations, you may request the correction or erasure of your data by contacting us at:

tiko Energy Solutions AG
Pflanzschulstrasse 7
CH-8004 Zürich
E-mail: info@tiko.energy

In accordance with and as far as provided by applicable law (as is the case where the GDPR is applicable), you have the right to access, rectify and erase of your personal data, the right to restriction of processing or to object to our data processing in addition to right to receive certain personal data for transfer to another controller (data portability). Please note, however, that we reserve the right to enforce statutory restrictions on our part, for example if we are obliged to retain or process certain data, have an overriding interest (insofar as we may invoke such interests) or need the data for asserting claims. If exercising certain rights incurs costs for you, we will notify you thereof in advance. We have already informed you of the possibility to withdraw consent in Section 2 above.

In general, exercising these rights requires that you are able to prove your identity (e.g., by a copy of identification documents when your identity is not evident otherwise or cannot be verified in another way). In order to assert these rights, please contact us at the addresses provided above.

In addition, every data subject has the right to enforce his/her rights in court or to lodge a complaint with the competent data protection authority. The competent data protection authority of Switzerland is the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (http://www.edoeb.admin.ch).

Amendments to these policies

We may amend this legal notice and privacy statement at any time without prior notice. The current version published on our website shall apply.

Use of Cookies

We may use Google Analytics or similar services on our website. These are services provided by third parties, which may be located in any country worldwide (in the case of Google Analytics Google LLC is in the U.S., www.google.com) and which allow us to measure and evaluate the use of our website (on an anonymized basis). For this purpose, permanent cookies are used, which are set by the service provider. The service provider does not receive (and does not retain) any personal data from us, but the service provider may track your use of the website, combine this information with data from other websites you have visited and which are also tracked by the respective service provider, and may use this information for its own purposes (e.g., controlling advertisements). If you have registered with the service provider, the service provider will also know your identity. In this case, the processing of your personal data by the service provider will be conducted in accordance with its data protection regulations. The service provider only provides us with data on the use of the respective website (but not with any personal information on you).

Nevertheless, you may configure your browser settings in a way that it rejects cookies, only saves tem for one session or deletes them prematurely. Most browsers are preset to accept cookies. If you block cookies, it is possible that certain functions (such as e.g., language settings, shopping basket, ordering processes) are no longer available to you.



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